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Steamy Credits & Steamy Rep

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Steamy Credits & Steamy Rep

Post by Soma on Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:42 pm


Steamy Credits are points you earn that can be exchanged for goods & services on Steamy Games.
Points are earn by posting throughout the many topics of Steamy Games.

The amount of credits you receive are different depending on where you post on the forums.

For example, all topics that you post on will earn you one credit each and making a topic will earn you three credits. However, you earn FIVE credits when you make a topic on the Introductions area.

The following areas cannot give you points:

- Steamy Games Guidebook
- Steamy Games Updates
- Forum Games

You can also earn credits by participating in our contests.



Steamy Rep is earned differently from Steamy Credits.
You earn rep by being helpful or responsive to the community.

A user can "upvote" someone when they show care and respectfulness to the community.

If a user can achieve 100 Steamy Rep, they've become a Trusted Member.
A trusted member is still a regular user but has shown that they care for the community as a whole and put their selfishness behind to work on a common goal.

Note: Only rep someone if you think they earn it. Don't randomly give people rep although people will most likely abuse it.

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