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The Official Steamy Games Rulebook

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The Official Steamy Games Rulebook

Post by Soma on Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:54 pm

WARNING: These following rules are subject to change at anytime. Please do check back constantly!

The Official Steamy Games Rulebook
Last Updated: January 12, 2017


1. Introduction
2. Rules
3. Warnings/Punishments
4. Appeals
5. Conclusion



Welcome to the official Steamy Games rulebook!
This "rulebook" is designed for those who want to understand how we, as a community, do things around here.
Just remember, these rules apply to ALL users, including moderators.
If you any further questions, please ask any of the staff members!


1. The use of spamming is not allowed on the forums. Spamming can be categorized as:

- One word posts.
- Purposely double posting.
- Excessive use of emojis.
- Trolling.

*2. Do not advertise anything, whether it is spam or not. You also cannot link something that you have created.

3. Do not attempt or post flame bait.

**4. Harassment of any kind is NOT allowed. Harassment includes:

- Cyberbullying.
- Racist slurs.
- Bullying

**5. Posting anything NSFW is NOT allowed. NSFW is categorized as:

- Gore
- Pornography (unless it's art)
- Racist

**6. Ban evasion is STRICTLY forbidden.

7.  Do not bump threads that are dead.
A dead thread is classified as a thread that has been around for a month and no one has posted on it during that time.
If you see a dead thread, talk to a staff member.
They will immediately move it to the trash bin.

8. Do not mini-mod.

9. Please keep topics civil and on-topic.

10. If you see a rule breaker, report to a staff member.
They will deal with him/her.

*The only time you are allowed to post a link to something you created is on the art forum.
**These rules are not part of our warning system. Therefore, if you are caught, you are permanently banned.



Steamy Games does NOT tolerate rule-breakers.
Therefore, if you were caught breaking a rule or attempting to break a rule:

- First Time: A Warning.
- Second Time: A 24 Hour Ban.
- Third Time: One Week Ban.

Continuously breaking the rules after your third warning will result in a permanent ban.
That includes forum and IP ban.



If you were wrongly accused of a rule that you did not break, then click here.
The staff will review your appeal and see if you are lying or not.
The following statements for your appeal are:

Your ban was wrongly justify, therefore you are no longer banned.
Warnings that led to an unjustifiable ban are removed.

Your appeal is being reviewed.
You will be notified via PM/email of your appeal once it has been fully reviewed.
How long this period will last depends on the situation.

Your appeal was reviewed and your ban was totally justifiable.
The appeal is thrown out.

If your appeal is denied, you will no longer be able to send appeals.
Therefore, future appeals are immediately turned down.



We want the community to enjoy this place and without rules, this place would be an anarchy.
So if you see someone attempting to break or is currently breaking a rule, report to a staff member.
Not only this helps you, but also helps our community become safe!
Thank you for reading and enjoy the forum!


©2017 Steamy Games

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